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SureThing CD Labeler Deluxe 6.2

Create labels, covers, and case inserts for all your recordable discs
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CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, labels, case inserts, and covers in any size and shape can be easily produced and printed with SureThing Disc Labeler Deluxe. This comprehensive design tool supports all the most common label types and manufacturers and comes with a set of useful tools to help you create professional-looking disc labeling projects.

The program’s main menu offers you templates for the most common disc projects – disc label, disc label with jewel case, disc label with a DVD case, disc label with inserts, mini-disc labels, and disc cards, and LightScribe discs. Each of these templates come with all the elements to complete the project, and you can move easily between them using the tabs provided. Thus, for instance, the disc label with jewel case includes three items – the label for the CD or DVD itself and the front and back inserts that fit in a standard jewel case.

The templates include some generic texts, such as artist, subtitle, album, title, etc., which you can substitute with the real tags of simply remove them to use a different layout altogether. The program comes with some background images and textures for you to use in your projects, though you can always use the images for the original artwork or your favorite photographs. Alternatively, you can use the program’s background collage maker to produce original collages out of your picture collection and use them as part of your insert and label designs. You can add any text and, of course, a track list that the program can generate for you. Note that LightScribe labels for your CDs or DVDs need to be designed using the specific template provided.

You can upgrade this Deluxe Edition with SureThing Disc Labeler Golden Edition, which adds international language support, a free copy of the program on CD, and a Full Image Package to complement the limited choice of illustrations that the Deluxe Edition offers. Other than these goodies, this DE version is comprehensive enough to produce high-quality covers and labels for all your media collections.

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  • Support for all popular label manufacturers
  • Suitable of all discs, including disc cards
  • Collage creator for custom backgrounds
  • LightScribe support


  • Limited choice of background images
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